Central America: Photo Journal

We wandered around Costa Rica and Panama for a couple of months this summer and put together a photo journal.

Fueled by fresh coconut water and avocados we stopped along the shores to surf, play in the ocean and soak up the sun. On land we were found skating, biking and slothing through towns with friends.

We met the most wonderful people along our way and can’t wait to go back.

“mi corozon es muy feliz aqui.”

Delsur xx.


Picture 149LIKE(blog edit)

Picture 129LIKE(blog edit)

Picture 122(blog edit)

editbiencoconuts 004LIKE

Picture 012(centraledit)

Picture 049(bloge edit)

Picture 117LIKE(blog edit)

Picture 112LIKE(blog edit)

bocaslove 105(blog edit)

IMG_0886(blog edit)

IMG_1002(blog edit)

IMG-20130903-WA0000(blog edit)

bocaslove 103(blog edit)

bocaslove 088(blog edit)

bocaslove 087(blogedit)

bocaslove 064(blog edit)

biencoconuts 198LIKE(blog edit)

biencoconuts 256(blog edit)

biencoconuts 258LIKE(blog edit)

biencoconuts 164LIKE(blog edit)

editbiencoconuts 2166

biencoconuts 120(blog edit)

biencoconuts 094LIKE(blog edit)

biencoconuts 051LIKE(blog edit)

542245_10153218518670117_336285167_n(blog edit)

994905_10153131612970117_1281564207_n(blog edit)

editbiencoconuts 0434

editbiencoconuts 024

editbiencoconuts 0900LIKE

editbiencoconuts 033



editbiencoconuts 182




editbiencoconuts 1377LIKE

editbocaslove 0322

editPicture 022


DSC03706 copy

bocaslove 051 copy

bocaslove 054 copy

bocaslove 046

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