Washed Ashore

      It is easy to overlook the amount of waste that is dumped into our oceans daily– especially for those of us who live away from coastal areas. Once we are able to finally reunite with our coasts, inevitably we are reminded of the connection we have to our waters and health of our ecosystems. It is nearly impossible to measure the amount of waste dumped into our oceans and comprehend how much pollution is actually affecting the survival and health of our ecosystems and planet.
Washed Ashore has collected about 17 tons of ocean debris within the past 5 years.  Their mission is focused on spreading awareness of the marine debris crisis, by transforming plastic pollution gathered from beach clean ups  into monumental sculptures.
     Some pieces are made up entirely of plastic bottles left over after major events, such as the Beijjing Olympics in 2008. This highlights the most common issue that contributes to our pollution problem today: single use plastic products. Let’s work together and help keep our oceans and planet healthy.


  To read more about this initiative check out Washed Ashore
  None of these photos were taken, nor belong to us.

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