Detox Time

Happy 2016!
We wish you nothing but freedom and happiness for this up coming year. In case you feel like rejuvenating and refreshing after all of the New Years celebrations here are some collected detox recipes that have helped us during recovery mode.
We’ve been loving the beauty advice from the Bldg 25 Blog lately, and want to share some of our favourite detox tips and recipes with you:

bb6efc1b746f93f14c3e1471ff02721b Ayurveda_Digestion_Lead

Improve sluggish digestion by adding lemon & ginger to your day.
Add these magical ingredients to warm water and drink when you wake up and before meals. If you’re feeling brave, you can eat fresh ginger and lemon raw. Try not to eat after 6:30pm.

Detox-2-e1451586981227Detox-8-e1451587038509 Detox-9-e1451587048530

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